Frequently Asked Questions


What does “item is from a sales representative sample set” mean?
Many items on our website came to us as part of a sample set, or a collection of items that were produced by a manufacturer for the sales representatives of that brand to use to showcase a season’s styles to potential local vendors (like us!). We then acquire that sample set from the sales representative at the end of the season and are able to offer great deals on these pieces as a result.

Are sample set items brand new? Why are they discounted?
Items from sample sets are new items and have all the features/specs that a brand-new piece would have. The only difference between samples and non-samples is that samples have been displayed by the sales rep before the pieces come to our shop, meaning that they have been packed into/out of boxes, transported from show to show, etc. and therefore are not labeled as “brand-new.” These items are discounted to reflect that history. Sample items that are purchased on our online store are inspected by our team before they are shipped, and if we spot any issues with the item, the customer will be notified before shipment.

Occasionally, the manufacturer will change the final color design of an item after the sample is produced. This means that the listing photo of the item may differ slightly from the actual item. Our team will reach out if we find that this is the case before order shipment. If you have any questions about the specific colors of a sample item, please reach out to Customer Service and our team will be happy to confirm the appearance of an item before order placement. 

Can sample set items be returned?
Yes! We offer free returns for most items, and this includes sample set items. We do ask that all items be returned with their tags still attached, no stains/rips/smells, etc. Please view our return policy for more information.

Do you have any other sizes of sample set items? When will you get more stock?
Sample set pieces are generally only produced in one size per department (men's, women's, kids', and junior's). This means that we will not have additional sizes available in any of our sample pieces. 

Because sample set items are only produced once a season, it is unlikely that we will restock any of these items. Usually, we receive one spring and one fall shipment of samples each year, and styles are often changed year to year. This generally means once we sell out of a style or a color, it will not come back into stock.



Do you price match?
Estes Park Mountain Shop handles price matching on a case-by-case basis. If you have found an identical item (same size, style, color, etc.) elsewhere online for a lower price than we have listed, please feel free to let us know and we will assess whether we can price match the item at that time.

What isn't included in the price match policy?

  • Sales tax, shipping, and other fees
  • Rebates, free offers, coupons, membership discounts, and one-time-only or bundled promotions
  • Advertised pricing from a competitor based on a misprint or typo
  • Excludes 3rd party sellers like eBay and Amazon and cash-back affiliate purchases
  • Excludes orders that have already been placed


Why did my item arrive in packaging that does not match my item?
Estes Park Mountain Shop strives to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever possible. One way we do this is by reusing packaging that we receive our shipments in, including plastic bags, cardboard boxes, and packaging fillers such as packing paper and bubble wrap. Sometimes, we will reuse packaging that has a different size printed on it than the actual item inside. We always recommend confirming the size/color/style of your item matches up with the enclosed packing slip.



Why is UPS the only carrier option for the item I want to purchase?
In our experience, products such as hats and metal water bottles are more likely than others to experience damage in transit using USPS despite our best efforts to pack items with sufficient protective material. We have seen the lowest percentage of packages damaged in transit using UPS services. As a result, we have chosen to only ship certain products using UPS services to ensure that your order makes it to you as reliably and damage-free as possible.


Still Have Questions?

Please contact Customer Service at 970-586-5337 or visit our Contact Us page.