Folded up footprint in a black mesh bag
Unfolded footprint inside tent
Close up of how the footprint connects to the tent using a snap closure

Aurora Pawprint

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NEMO’s unique Pawprints line the inside of your tent with a soft, washable fabric that not only keeps the floor safe from your pup’s paws and other sharp objects, but also provides a surface cozy enough for sleeping without a sleeping pad if you wish.

The brushed polyester fabric snaps into the tent, providing wall-to-wall coziness that not only adds a layer of comfort and added protection, but also a small amount of insulation.


  • Brushed polyester is soft and durable.
  • Easy to remove and wash between trips.
  • Keeps your floor safe from paws, tools and other sharp objects.
  • Snaps into the inside of the Aurora tent to stay securely in place.

Pawprint 2 Weight: 11 oz / 314 g

Pawprint 3 Weight: 1 lb , 0 oz / 450 g