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Take Me To The Woods Sticker

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The sticker story...

Long after you've left the woods, they're effect still remains with you. The longer you're in the woods, the deeper that effect is felt. You have this sense that this is where you came from.

There are little fragments left over in our consciousness from the thousands of years our ancestors called the woods home. It's a simple feeling you can't get from streaming videos online. The smell of pine in the wind & the bright stars shining down on you put in perspective our limited time here on Earth.

This perspective is often uncomfortable for the modern mind as it causes you to question those typical worries about the day-to-day. All that temporary modern stuff may seem useless but it brought you here, into the woods, back home. Gratitude for the life we've been given is important to cultivate as it can bring us all closer together.


  • Inspired by the woods that can bring us all together.
  • Size 3.5".
  • Illustrated by Thiago Bianchini.
  • Dishwasher Safe and Waterproof.
  • Made In America.