Women's Corax LT Harness

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Comfortable, durable and versatile climbing harness for women.

Built specifically for women, the CORAX LT WOMEN is a versatile climbing harness. Designed and manufactured by Petzl, it benefits from the brand’s expertise and reputation and is a comfortable harness while belaying or hanging. Four gear loops provide sufficient space for the required gear (quickdraws, nuts, or other equipment). The quality of materials make it highly durable.


  • Designed by Petzl in France and manufactured by Petzl
  • Quality control throughout the production chain Each Petzl harness undergoes systematic quality control of all its structural components
  • High-durability exterior fabric for better abrasion resistance
  • Highly durable tie-in points with polyester reinforcement
  • Steel doubleback buckle allows easy adjustment for the entire life of the harness


Fits Waist
XS: 25.5-28 inches
S: 28-30.3 inches
M: 30.3-33 inches
L: 33-36.2 inches
Leg Loop Size
XS: 16.9-20.9 inches
S: 20.5-22.5 inches
M: 21.7-23.6 inches
L: 22.4-24.4 inches